I ask you, terrible fool

just tell me whom would you like to rule?

A country where light and peace is shed

or a country with nothing but dead?

And preacher, you’ll raise up your hand

over a dead and wasted land

where only the wind in the rocks would cry:

„Would you please tell no more lies no more lie,

would you please tell no more lie!"


Oh people now don’t cast a vote

to these professional lyers on the road!

They’re stealin’your best dreams so their designs will never fail

and offer them at their meetings for sale.

And so we’ll give them no rest

to disturb them we must do our best.

All their world must be shaked by our shouts and our cries:

„Would you please tell no more lie no more lies,

would you please tell no more lies!"



Herausgeber des Notendrucks:

Umwelt-Liederbuchprojekt, Kultur u. Ökologie e.V.

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