Promise To Stay text/musik Robert Wachsmann




C9 em7 am dm/F E

Well met my love I’ve just come back to thee,


C C/H C/A C/G C/Fis em7/F em am

back from a journey too weary for me.


I’ve travelled the world for many long years

and I’ve seen much gladness but more pain and more fears.


The war with all the cruelty of bombs that fall

on women and children and the death of them all.


The poison of factories and the lot of poor men,

who must work hard for nothing, there are many of them.




How now my love, outside it is cold


am G F G

please let me come in for the year is getting old!


I love you so much and I promise to stay,


am G F E

no more I will go on the road far away.



She said:"Its too late now I’ve been married for three

years and there’s no more room left for thee."

„Get out of my life!" she banged the door and cried:"Go

away"! and outside the rain turned to snow.