Traveller’s Song text/musik Robert Wachsmann






am F G

We’re working all day and our time is slipping away


am F G

like wheels in the factory our everyday-lfe keeps turning our mind away



They say you can’t get out so we call it so loud



"we’re leaving the society the office and the factory we’re ramblers on the road."



C D G hm

And its April lets go the mountains ‘re covered with snow


D7 G em C D

where the frost the cold winds are chilling in the nights


C D hm

and we’re travelling on ‘till summer comes along


D7 G em C D7 G

and the nights getting gentle and warm and no cold winds moan.



Tomorrow we’ll be gone we’re on the road so long

that none of us can ever forecast when we’ll reach the end

And our life is pretty now, we’ll stand the tide somehow

and none of us can ever forecast what happens tomorrow….


And its April lets go…..