Gabcikovo text/musik: Robert Wachsmann




G Gm D C G

In the land of the willow trees people are urged to go, uprooted.



G Gm

In a better world for to live, they said:



"Your wealth will grow, incessantly it will grow".


hm G

Come on everybody we’ll see you down by the factory



this mornin’ before sunrise there we’ll meet.


hm G C am

Resistance is the password for the promises that you have heard


cm D D7

are as worth as the muck in the streets.



G Gm D C G


A7 C G

As worth as the muck in the streets




They built a canal right through the plain cut the fields to pieces, the land must be forsaken.

Human beings quite insane making flowing waters stained with greases

rotting in the storage lake.

Look away and turn around, at the other end of town

willows glitterin’ silvery in the sun, banks so white seem to me like islands of the southern sea.

Let Danube-River run!



Radio news proudly tell:

"Tey’re flooding Gabcikovo-dam tomorrow".

- throwing rocks into the riverbed.

See the technocratic madness incessantly grow.

Morning came so bright and clear - peaceful in the sunlight, the scene remained guiet all the day.

Suddenly in the night with waterguns and floodlight they blew all resistance away.

And a whole country was parched just in one day.




The first high flood of winter

washed the steely floodgates away

just like feathers.

Reconquered the old riverbed at a stroke,

so man has lost his high handed game -

man has lost his high handed game forever.