September (Capo3.Bund) text/musik Robert Wachsmann


am em am

Time is passing by

dm G em C am

years and month and days

C6 am

you are always in my mind

G am

everything has gone away.


The drearyness of snow in May

draught in November

your love and sincerity

is all that I remember.


F C G am

We took the road someday

F C dm G7 am

through fallow lands we went away

F G am

and parted in September.



In the chill of the winterwinds

you do not feel like roaming

imagine a silent breeze

of spring is blowing.

Once we have sawn the grain

springing up again and again

every summer growing.


The trees break into leaf

the days will brighten when we’ll meet

again some day