Three musicians step up to clean up a widely spread rumor:

Folk = Irish Folk ?  Forget it ...

WAXMAN shows you just how diverse and intense Folk music can be. WAXMAN offers an extraordinary platform of original and traditional Folk songs that makes them very unique at German venues. Three extraordinary voices flow into instrumental tones in rhythm (sometimes heard of as a "brutal") acoustic Bass. Next to the obligatory guitar,  WAXMAN  sharply uses an array of instuments, such as violin, mandolin and the harp.

If you want to hear "Country Roads", then throw in the CD or book a backstreet guitar player that strums it out for you. If  you need a band with a bit of humor, a band that knows how to get emotional and sweat, a band who's music lives on stage, then we, of course, objectfully recommend:   WAXMAN !!!

The Band:

Stefan Kugler: a ripper on the scene. For many years he's been playing throughout Europe and can be heard on a number of CD's. His acoustic Bass is the key link between Folk and Rock. He is the driving force of the  WAXMAN  hoard. Mercy??... He doesn't believe in it.

Robert Wachsmann: He is a long-time guiding man of Folk tunes in Germany and ever since 1979, has been on a musical journey. Part of that trip, when the Iron Curtain was still up, was spent in Moskau and is often reminden of that time, even while listening to recent CD's. He is the "calm" WAXMAN , the voice, the feeling ...

Marcus Waloschik: A studio musician, guitar teacher and an experienced "Live-bomb". the blond guitar magician ist the harmonic center of WAXMAN . As relaxed and quiet as he is, BEWARE ...cuz when he lets loose ...We all know you've heard of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" ... Now try to picture that musically!!!


Sometimes  WAXMAN is playing together with  a good friend: Armin W. Bach. He sings, plays guitar and accordeon.

We both know that I could tell you a whole lot. But, seeing ist believing.

LIVE and on stage !!!